About This Site

This site has multiple purposes.  The initial premise is that there are those in the family or relatives who are interested in knowing more about the history of the surname “Baygents”.  This site hopes to achieve that, in addition to providing information about the families’ products and services, their neighborhoods, news, articles, and more.

The Mission & Vision

1.  To serve as a historical and personal referencing of the family name for posterity, outside of real-time social media

2.  To promote the businesses, products, and services of family members across the globe

3.  To provide a place where family members can post auto-biographies or biographies (& stories) of those members who have passed on and want their memories shared


Get Involved

Provide information to post on this site!  Write an article, offer a URL (link) to your business, send your auto-biography.  There is a concerted effort to promote those in the families in many areas.  If you want to request to add, edit, or remove something to/from this site, please “Contact Us” via the menu option at the top.